Men's Club Rules


Rules updated 4/20/2023


We now use the World Golf rules of Handicapping. We are only allowed to take a maximum of net double bogey when we post, so if anyone has a question please 

1. We are allowed to bump the ball (1 club length, no closer to the hole) in the fairway and rough,  You are not allowed to bump the ball in the gravel or dirt areas.

2. You are allowed to move the ball in the bunker out of footprints and heavy rake lines; however, if you hit the ball in the bunker and it becomes a fried egg, too bad, this needs to be played as it lies.

3. The area to the left of #7 has a cement water drain. This drain is for the neighborhood flood control. This area has ben marked with a red line, and is considered a hazard.  You can opt to play your ball where it is, or take a 1 stroke penalty and remove it 2 club lengths from the hazard.

4. The area to the left of #14 (where the larger red rocks are) is a hazard area-- a one stroke penalty drop on the lake side of the cart path, or play it as it lies.

5. The area to the right of #17 fairway outlined by the large boulder rocks (previously had the rail fence)  is an unplayable area and you are required to take a free drop near the cart path, but still in the gravel. No penalty.

6. Giving putts:  please be reasonable when giving a putt.  Any given putt should be a putt that is clearly and obviously makeable (inside 2 feet with no extenuating circumstances, i.e. wind, break, green conditions) All Birdies and closest to the pins must be putted out.