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Albert Iovinelli started the Painted Desert Men's club in 1996. Scotty Greer was the Painted Desert Head Pro/General Manager at the time, and helped the club by making available tee times to play. The First event played was in January 1997.

Only one advertisement was ran the bi-monthly Painted Desert newsletter to recruit members. In the beginning, membership was only open to home owners and relied on referrals to recruit members. After several years, membership was opened to a limited number of Painted Desert Golf club employees. The club is and was designed to be a social club with golf as the glue. The club has been lucky and blessed to have so many friends/buddies who have stepped up when needed to manage the club, maintain the game formats, and assist with a myriad of needs.

At first, the club started with one game weekly and switched to two games weekly after a couple of years. Albert Iovinelli, served as the club’s first President for several years and this has evolved into volunteers taking the position for two year terms. The past Presidents are Ron Barco, Michael Civita, Andrew Kerr, Joe Kolb, Ron Petska, Reldon Spring, Dick Shehadi, Earl McMullen, Joe Tennutti, Bill Eichel, Roy Spicer, and currently Frank Singer.

The club over the last two years has progressed to computerized scoring and has opened membership to outside individuals on a referral basis looking for persons who have expressed a desire to be a member and have the same social club values expressed by the founding fathers.

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