Men’s Club Rules

Sense we made the decision to let part of the club play off the silver tees we have had nothing but issues, and frankly some of the issues were starting to hurt the club and its social nature.
Effective today 11/01/2015, we will move all members of the club back to the black tee area with the following adjustments:
First let me say, we have measured the length of the adjustment and find it to be approximately 5,980 yards.  Now understand, it may vary a little as our measurements were not exact but I felt it was very close.
Adjustments:  All players are allowed to play from the front of the Black teeing area not matter handicap or age. This means that you can go to the front edge of the grass tee area where the Black tees are and tee your ball for play. Also we will play the Silver Walk up area on holes numbers 8 and 14.  Those playing the tee markers are allowed to play the Black tee walk up area on hole 12 only.
Those of you that do not want to play the front of the Black tee area can play from where the Black tee markers are.
All scores will be recorded as Black tee rounds.
At the start of the round you will decide what area of the tee you will be playing and this is the area of the tee that you must play for the entire round no switching back and forth. For example; if you start playing at the tee marker you must play the whole round there and not change to the front or if you start on the front you can not change to the markers.
Remember that there is no adjustment of handicaps any longer.  All members will use their full Black Tee handicap. If there is any question please contact me, however; this is the rule of play for the Painted Desert Men’s Club.