Club Correspondence

Updated 07/21/2016

Marty Deluca had a ball marker that meant a lot to him.  It is solid silver, round and on one side it had a skull and cross bones.  If you found it, lost on Thursday 07/21/2016, please see that Marty gets it back.  You might want to ask others that you play with at Painted if they have see it.  Thank YOU.

Make sure to check the upcoming events page as we have a lot of events over the next few months ending with the club championship that starts the end of May and ends the first of June.

I hope that you appreciate the number of events that we are going to have. Your management team is working hard to change things up a little to relive some of the repetitious weekly play. Remember it is all for you as a members of the club, So sign up for the events if you can.  Let us all have a great golf season.